Fmriprep, Freesurfer license error

Hi, I’m trying to install fmriprep according to following link. However, in the second step, I get the error in the below:
RuntimeError: ERROR: a valid license file is required for FreeSurfer to run. fMRIPrep looked for an existing license file at several paths, in this order: 1) command line argument --fs-license-file; 2) $FS_LICENSE environment variable; and 3) the $FREESURFER_HOME/license.txt path. Get it (for free) by registering at

When I command gedit $FREESURFER_HOME/license.txt I see the license file with no problem. Can you help me with this problem? I saw that other people having same problems but their solutions did not helped me

Hi, can you share your whole command? This may be a docker issue, but it’s hard to tell without the specific invocation.

Also, just as a heads up to one of the more confusing bits of neuroimaging software: FSL is completely unrelated to FreeSurfer. FSL stands for FMRIB Software Library.

My bad! I corrected as Freesurfer.
I was just used fmriprep-docker to see how things work. But since I got this error, the process never goes further.

Ah, sorry, I wasn’t clear. I mean, could you show the full command-line, e.g.:

fmriprep-docker ARG1 ARG2 ...