fMRIPrep: How to remove already processed subjects from a study

ran fMRIPrep for participants in my study and realized that some of them (10 out of 84 participants) aren’t supposed to be there (basically forgot to group them up as session-1 session-2 and instead kept them as separate subjects). How do I remove them? Do I just delete the “sub-XX” directory from freesurfer, fmriprep directories under derivatives? Or is there a more proper way to do this? Oh and we are using version 1.4.1 with singularity just in case someone is wondering.

Each subject is processed independently, so removing the subject directories and HTML reports is perfectly reasonable.


Also what about the files/folders under “work/”? Do I have to delete those as well?

The work directory is entirely disposable. It’s useful if you think you might need to rerun the pipeline, for example, if you need to upgrade or rerun with different options. It and any subdirectories can be safely deleted, and the only cost is computation time if you do need to rerun.