Fmriprep ICA-Aroma and fsaverage surface space

To the fmriprep experts,

My question pertains to understanding which output data includes all of the steps that I would like, that is, final data in fsaverage surface space that have had ica aroma conducted (in addition to the other preprocessing steps conducted by fmriprep).

I’ve ran fmriprep with the “–output-spaces fsaverage” and “–use-aroma” options.

It is true that the file “/derivatives//func/sub-CU0011CUMR1R1_task-resting1_space-fsaverage_hemi-L.func.gii” has had ICA AROMA preprocessing? It is not labeled as such, and I haven’t been able to find an “order of operations” output and the “Methods” section of the html summary file does not include detailed enough description as to whether the fsaverage data also had ICA AROMA preprocessing.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you.


No. The only data that has been denoised with AROMA is the one marked as non-aggressively denoised, because these are produced directly by the ICA-AROMA tool. All other data is minimally preprocessed, in that it is resampled to the target volumetric space / surface mesh. Any further spatial or temporal filtering is outside the scope of fMRIPrep.