Fmriprep_long time of running procedure

Hi, Dear all,
here i use the command: fmriprep-docker -w fmriprepworkdirectory/sub-01 --fs-license-file license.txt/ fmriprep1/Nifti fmriprep1/derivatives --participant_label sub-01 --skip_bids_validation --nthreads 2 --omp-nthreads 4 --mem-mb 32000
at the beginning, it was fast.
but later it stays at this point over one night, without further processing,

anything wrong? should i wait?

the nifiti data i used without free surfer processed.
and my system is using the ubuntu 18.o4 under windows 10, 4CPU and 32GB.

Thank you for suggestions,

recon-all from Freesurfer does take a while, so you should try waiting a bit more. You do not need to explicitly set the nthreads and omp-nthreads argument. By default, fMRIPrep should use the maximum number available to maximize efficiency. You can also try to enable –resource-monitor in the fMRIPrep command to see if CPU and memory are being maxed out at all.

Hi, Steven,
Thank you for your suggestion. Ok, I just wait. But even right now, i guess over 20 hours ago, it still remains at that running point, is is really normal. Sorry for the stupid question, but i tried several times to increase the running speed, but always face such situation and have never seen how it look likes for fmriprep finishing the process. So i am curious whether anything i can do to imrove.
If the fmriprep can use the maximum number available, what the function of nthreads and n-threads are? as i understand, this is to setting to increase the running speed of processing?

and i look through the task manager, sometimes the cpu only being used as 10% around, something like that, even sometimes can be 40% around.

The nthreads arguments can be used to not use all of the CPUs, in case you want to conserve CPU usage. Also, and I might be mistaken, but sometimes using single threads can marginally increase reproducibility. There is a cloud based alternative called where you can upload your data and run apps like fMRIprep across distributed computing clusters so you aren’t reliant on your own machine. It’s a really cool site, I encourage you to check it out!

OK, Thank you. i will look through it.
And another question is there any support with GPU in future?

I am not a developer so I don’t know, sorry.