Fmriprep multiband


I’m planning to use the CMRR multiband sequence on a SIEMENS Scanner with acceleration factor 8 for resting state data with a low TR of around 720 ms.

I also acquire a non multiband volume with a much higher TR for a better WM/GM differentiation.
Is there a way to account for this “reference scan” in the fmriprep pipeline?


According to BIDS you should save these reference files with ‘_sbref.nii.gz’ suffix (instead of ‘_bold.nii.gz’ - check out the spec for details).

Having said that FMRIPREP does not currently take advantage of those files. Even though it is on the todo list, we found that (in all cases we looked at so far) satisfactory registration can be achieved without using the single band reference scans. If your case is different (coregistration is poor) - please share your HTML reports.