Fmriprep --notrack flag ignored


From the fmriprep doc pages I gathered that in order to avoid fmriprep trying to pull TemplateFlow from the web, I should pass the --notrack flag to the fmriprep call (in addition to making sure that the TemplateFlow files are accessible somewhere on the file system).

I tried that, but still fmriprep tries to pull templateflow. Any idea what is happening? The command I use is this one (with the latest fmriprep):

export SINGULARITYENV_TEMPLATEFLOW_HOME=/gpfs/project/projects/bpsydm/fmriprep/.cache/templateflow

singularity run 
      --bind /gpfs 
      --participant-label $SUB 
      --fs-license-file /gpfs/project/projects/bpsydm/license.txt 


--notrack disables fMRIPrep’s telemetry that helps us tell what sorts of errors are common. TemplateFlow is a separate tool that will fetch data if it is not available.

Regarding TemplateFlow and avoiding hitting the internet in Singularity, please see Running fMRIPrep via Singularity containers — fmriprep version documentation.