Fmriprep --recource-monitor when run thought docker

how --resource-monitor flag should be used when running fmriprep from docker? i have used --debug --write-graph, --resource-monitor flags, and after succesfull completion i couldn’t find log neither in fmriprep/log nor /root, /tmp of nipypes. I expect to see smth like run_stats.log as

Thank you!

Yes, saving logs to the proper location is currently failing for reasons we haven’t been able to track down, yet. If you have some time, we’d welcome the help.

Also, just so you know --debug actually means “run sloppy versions of some interfaces for speed of testing”. We recommend people don’t use it, and I’m going to deprecate it in the next release.


@effigies Thank you for your attention to issue. Hope you will resolve it. One of the approach I trying to get the tmp files of fmriprep is to mount /tmp directory to -v /dir for tmp:/tmp --entrypoint=bash, but it deletes after execution of fmriprep.