Fmriprep v1.4.0 resource-monitor log not written


I don’t think fmriprep/nipype is writing the resource monitor log. Here is my fmriprep command:

~/anaconda3/bin/fmriprep-docker \
    /data/jheffernan/clinical/bids /data/jheffernan/clinical/derivatives/fmriprep-local participant \
    --participant_label 14461002 \
    -t rest \
    --ignore slicetiming \
    --output-spaces MNI152NLin2009cAsym fsaverage \
    --dummy-scans 2 \
    --fs-license-file /opt/freesurfer/license.txt \
    --work-dir /data/jheffernan/clinical/work_dir2 \
    --resource-monitor \
    --write-graph \

This command completes without error. Here are the contents of the fmriprep/logs directory:

Should the resource-monitor log be in this directory or is there another location where it is written?

The resource monitor comes directly from nipype. The default file name for the log is resource_monitor.json. I suspect that it will also be in the base of the work dir that stores the outputs of all the nipype workflows.

I am not able to find the resource_monitor.json file. Here is a tree view with depth at 3 in the work dir:

Additionally, no files appear when I try to find the json file with this command: find . -iname resource_monitor.json