FMRIPREP: Voxel-based Morphometry

I was thinking about running some VBM analyses with as minimal a need for processing as possible. I was thinking that, since FMRIPREP creates a T1w_preprocessed file (skull-stripped, ANTs N4 bias corrected, etc), this might be a really suitable and usable way of proceeding with analyses. I’m flexible on the source of my VBM (CAT12, FSL, ANTs), just trying to brainstorm at the moment.

Anyone have any experience with using these files for this purpose?

I’ve used the *T1w_class-GM_probtissue.nii.gz outputs from FMRIPREP in (an adapted version of) the FSL-VBM pipeline. When using these files, you can skip fslvbm_1_bet and the FAST call in fslvbm_2_template. You also need to edit the fslvbm_2_template script such that it finds the right files; fslvbm_3_proc should work without modification!


That’s a cool idea… I’ll look into it. Thanks @lukassnoek