Fmriprep: Workaround for running subjects in parallel


Currently, running subjects in parallel with openneuro will sometimes cause errors. For example, when running 13 subjects in parallel, 4 were unsuccessful due to the following error caused by running them simultaneously:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/scratch/03201/jbwexler/openneuro_fmriprep/data/ds000003_work/ds000003-download/derivatives/fmriprep-1.4.0/fmriprep/logs/’

I’ve created an issue on the fmriprep github page, but until it is fixed, there is an easy workaround: simply use different work directories for each subject. For example, use dataset/work/sub-01, dataset/work/sub-02, etc., or something to that effect.

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