fNIRS system costs and shopping

Hi I’m emailing because I am trying to compare and cost-out an fNIRs system over the weekend. Are there folk who have had to recently shop around for a system with adults so I know what to expect as far as costs? or have conducted fNIRS research and have had good or bad experiences with companies as far as support and costs. Cheers Eunice

prices range from €10k to >€200k depending on size and target application. Check out www.artinis.com for more information.
edit: btw, artinis has great support (e.g. me) and superb data quality, while also having best price-performance ratio

Dear Eunice, our fNIRS system can be used with adults (see gowerlabs.co.uk/nts for more details). Please feel free to contact us at enquiries@gowerlabs.co.uk – we would be happy to talk you through what we can offer.