Framewise displacement implementation with nilearn

Hi all,

I’m trying to make functional matrix with nilearn modules of Python.
I want to do frame censoring (high motion data removal) automatically.
I have tsv file of confound data since I performed preprocessing via fmriprep.

Do you have any idea to implement framewise displacement with nilearn module?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rikaatgithub

You might want to check load_confounds: GitHub - SIMEXP/load_confounds: Load fMRIprep confounds in python
We are planning to have some integration within Nilearn at some point, but this is still ongoing work (see this issue: Integration of `load_confounds` to `nilearn` · Issue #2777 · nilearn/nilearn · GitHub).
Note that, in the mean time, it shouldn’t be too hard to integrate it in your workflow.

Let me know if this is helping or not!

Thank you so much for your quick reply.
So we can not implement framewise displacement without nilearn’s module for now…
I’ll try it!