Freesurfer: Converting a volume to a label file

Dear Neurostar community,

I have a .nii file downloaded from Neurosynth. I ultimately would like to project this volume onto a ICBM152 cortical surface template that is found in the MEG/EEG software, which has 15002 vertices. Can anyone provide some ideas as how I can do this? I’ve spent many hours trying to do this but haven’t made progress.

I first binarized the initial neurosynth file using mri_binarize, and then used mri_cor2label. Should this lead to a ROI/label that I can project onto a cortex? How do I make sure the label is in the same space as the cortex I want to project it onto?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s one way to do something similar, which might give you some ideas. A warning, though - projecting volumes to surfaces is fairly approximate at the best of times; it’s often better to translate between surfaces and volumes using a parcellation/anatomical structures defined in both.