Freesurfer crashes within fmriprep; FoV too big; Include the flag -cw256 with recon-all!

I am running fmriprep with the recon-all enabled, as I need the output in fsnative space. However, I get the following error:

ERROR! FOV=260.000 > 256
Include the flag -cw256 with recon-all!
Inspect orig.mgz to ensure the head is fully visible.

I am not sure how to pass -cw256 within the fmriprep command to be used by freesurfer.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you!

-cw256 is always passed, but it turns out it’s not respected by recon-all when -hires is passed. You can either crop your image with a tool like nib-roi or fslroi or pass --no-submm-recon, and your image will be conformed to 256x256x256 1mm isotropic.