FreeSurfer, fsaverage standardisation


I’m a computer science student and I do my internship in a medical imaging laboratory where I work on machine learning methods for predicting brain age from T1 MRI. I learn every day different things about medical imaging, but I’m still very novice in this field.

I have subjects preprocessed with recon-all. In a paper, authors say

Native surface models for cortical thickness and surface area were transformed into the fsaverage4 standard space

But they don’t specify how they do that with FreeSurfer. They only say that they got 5124 features for cortical thickness and 5124 features for cortical surface area.

I understant that I will have to use the fsaverage4 subject, but I don’t know which FreeSurfer command to use. I have some ideas like mri_surf2surf command, but I’m really not sure.

Thanks in advance