Freesurfer recon-all errors

Hello neurostars

I used FreeSurfer software to process my data (structural magnetic resonance images) and I applied the Recon-all pipeline

I wanted to extract the images wmparc.mgz, I think, they are the output of the last processing step

But I did not find it in the folders of some topics!
I attached recon-all.txt (175.3 KB) the recon-all .log file because I read that through it it is possible to track which steps failed to process the image and then start from that

But I could not understand the file. Can you direct me how to find out which steps stopped processing? And what is the source through which the processing can be completed from that step?

Thank you for your cooperation

From your file, its hard to say what happened.

It seems that recon-all did not finished. Usually, a message at the end should appear specifying if the process finished with or without error.
Could you paste the recon-all.log and recon-all.cmd, please?