Freeview quit unexpectedly

After installing the Freesurfer software the program runs OK but when I’m trying to load a data, I encounter the error “freeview quit unexpectedly” and program crashes.

My device : macbook air m1 2020.

Do you have a Freesurfer license in your installation directory?

Yes. I downloaded the license from the email sent by Free Surfer and pasted it in the following path: /Applications/freesurfer
I’ve also downloaded and installed the latest version of xquartz before installing and executing freesurfer.

Can you open freeview in your terminal and then try loading the image? A crash message in your terminal may be informative.

Also, is the license file specifically named license.txt?

I ran the program from the terminal, but after the program crashed, nothing was shown in the terminal! Also, the license file that was emailed to me had no name and was only displayed with \ . Although when I rename the license to license.txt, there was no change.

Can you just run freeview in the terminal, rather than using the open command?

I noticed that I made a mistake in setting an environment which caused the program to crash. Since I don’t have much experience with the terminal and The Free Surfer’s documentation is a bit confusing for me, I ask you to guide me in this field, Steven.

The version I’ve download is 7.4.1.

I’ve create a directory for freesurfer with code below:

export FREESURFER_HOME=/Applications/freesurfer/7.4.1

and I could run the program perfectly. But every time I close the program (or terminate terminal) and try to reopen it, I cannot use freeview command (zsh: command not found: freeview) unless I use that code and make a directory again. Is there any solution for this or I should execute that code every time I want to open the program?

Did you follow the video guide? attachment:installFS_demo.mp4 of DownloadAndInstall - Free Surfer Wiki

If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend you just email the FreeSurfer tech support mailing list: FreeSurferSupport - Free Surfer Wiki

You can just add these lines to your appropriate profile/RC file, and they will be automatically re-executed upon opening terminal. I believe Macs are all using .zprofile these days.