Fresh out on BioRxiv - VAE-SNE A Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction method which can be used to cluster data as well!

We learnt about Dimensionality Reduction techniques on W1D5 (July 17) and found PCA often misses important features in the data as it is a linear algorithm! We looked at t-SNE, a non-linear approach which can extract these nonlinear features but we can’t use it for clustering analysis! What a coincidence that on the same day Iain Couzin at MPI AB put out a non-linear method like t-SNE called VAE-SNE that automatically figures out clusters in the data!
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VAE stands for variational autoencoder, which is pretty much the last topic of NMA (W3D5). You can peek ahead at the content if you’d like, though I don’t think it’s fully finished yet.

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