From volume to surface: registration file for mri_vol2surf


I am trying to bring the volumetric brain data (brought to the mni space) onto surface for visualization purposes.

I came across with freesurfer’s “mri_vol2surf” tool, which is also embedded in nipype. This tool requires an input described as “registration file.” Does anyone have an idea, what it is exactly or how to generate it?

Thanks in advance!

If you are in MNI152, you can set MNI152 to True and skip the reg_file input.

otherwise, I believe this file is a *.dat text file that describes the registration

Edit: Interface docs found here

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It worked out by setting “mni152reg” option as True - exactly as described as here. Thanks!

By the way, I found out an example registration file, which looks like this:


$ cat mni152.register.dat

9.975314e-01 -7.324822e-03 1.760415e-02 9.570923e-01
-1.296475e-02 -9.262221e-03 9.970638e-01 -1.781596e+01
-1.459537e-02 -1.000945e+00 2.444772e-03 -1.854964e+01
0 0 0 1


With this file, it worked the same way as setting “mni152reg” option as True. But, don’t really know what this is…

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