FSL binary files

Anybody knows where can I download the binary files for fsl from? specifically fsleyes is available?
I am working on mac os so .maci64 would be required just like fast.maci64 here: ext_libs/fsl · develop · Nordenström, Simon (ARTORG) / leaddbs · GitLab
I am specifically searching for fsleyes binary but unfortunately couldn’t find it
Any suggestion would be much appreciated
Thank you

Hi Basasm,

FSL is distributed as a collection of conda packages - there are no official self-contained binaries. You can install a complete version of FSL with the fslinstaller.py file, or install specific packages using conda directly, as outlined at these pages:

Alternately, you can compile the C++ code yourself, but I would only recommend this if you have experience with C/C++ - I have limited time to support this use-case. Some notes on local development can be found here: Document

FSLeyes is a Python application, and is not available as a single binary file. It is distriubuted as a conda package to conda-forge, and also as a Python package to PyPi. Installation options are outlined here: Document

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