Fsl_motion_outliers without metrics files created

Summary of what happened:

I used micapipe to process rs-fMRI images, which has a step calling fsl_motion_outliers to do motion correction. But I can’t get any results. And it also gave me some information like this:

Sizes incompatible: 444 voxels vs 201 numbers
Matrix dimensions are 201 by 1

And I couldn’t get the output files: volumetric/sub-010_ses-01_space-func_desc-se_metric_FD.1D, sub-010_ses-01_space-func_desc-se_spikeRegressors_FD.1D

Command used (and if a helper script was used, a link to the helper script or the command generated):

fsl_motion_outliers -i /tmp/20094_micapipe_proc-func_sub-010_ses-01/mainScan_reo.nii.gz -o /proc/micapipe_v0.2.0/sub-010/ses-01/func/desc-se_task-rest_dir-PA_bold/volumetric/sub-010_ses-01_space-func_desc-se_spikeRegressors_FD.1D -s /proc/micapipe_v0.2.0/sub-010/ses-01/func/desc-se_task-rest_dir-PA_bold/volumetric/sub-010_ses-01_space-func_desc-se_metric_FD.1D --fd


FSL 6.0.7

Environment (Docker, Singularity, custom installation):

Linux 18.04