FSL Preprocessing Error

Hi, I am new to FMRI preprocessing and am using fsl for doing so.
When I go to the FEAT via FSL GUI on my mac, the preprocessing will return the the error in the Preprocessing Stage 2 as following:

/usr/local/fsl/bin/mcflirt -in prefiltered_func_data -out prefiltered_func_data_mcf -mats -plots -reffile example_func -rmsrel -rmsabs -spline_final

/bin/mkdir -p mc ; /bin/mv -f prefiltered_func_data_mcf.mat prefiltered_func_data_mcf.par prefiltered_func_data_mcf_abs.rms prefiltered_func_data_mcf_abs_mean.rms prefiltered_func_data_mcf_rel.rms prefiltered_func_data_mcf_rel_mean.rms mc

/usr/local/fsl/bin/fsl_tsplot -i prefiltered_func_data_mcf.par -t ‘MCFLIRT estimated rotations (radians)’ -u 1 --start=1 --finish=3 -a x,y,z -w 640 -h 144 -o rot.png

/usr/local/fsl/bin/fsl_tsplot -i prefiltered_func_data_mcf.par -t ‘MCFLIRT estimated translations (mm)’ -u 1 --start=4 --finish=6 -a x,y,z -w 640 -h 144 -o trans.png

/usr/local/fsl/bin/fsl_tsplot -i prefiltered_func_data_mcf_abs.rms,prefiltered_func_data_mcf_rel.rms -t ‘MCFLIRT estimated mean displacement (mm)’ -u 1 -w 640 -h 144 -a absolute,relative -o disp.png
can’t read “relrms”: no such variable
while executing
"if { [ catch {

for { set argindex 1 } { $argindex < $argc } { incr argindex 1 } {
switch – [ lindex $argv $argindex ] {

-I {
incr arginde…"
(file “/usr/local/fsl/bin/feat” line 312)
Error encountered while running in main feat script, halting.
can’t read “relrms”: no such variable

Does anyone know why it happen and how should I figure it out? I really don’t have any idea on what relrms is. Thank you.