Fslpy installation help - none of the modules appear to be available


I ran pip install fslpy to install fslpy 2.6.2. I tried to play around with fsl.data.featanalysis, however, when I run from fsl import data and try and call fsl.data.featanalysis, I get an error saying that fsl.data has no attribute featanalysis. (I get this same error when I try and call any attribute in any fslpy module, except for fsl.data.utils.)

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling fslpy, and I still get the same missing attribute errors.

I checked the installation of fsl and all of the .py files are present in the correct sub-directories.

Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong, or what is going on? There is very little documentation for installing fslpy beyond the pip command…



Figured out my issue. Apparently, pip installation is faulty, in that it doesn’t not set up fslpy to find its dependencies correctly. However, the conda installation works.