GE files to NIfTI

I am having issues with GE files, I don’t know how to properly work with them.
I have a folder for a T1 session with hundreds of GE files. I managed to convert them one by one to NIfTI but I think that they might be somehow merged all together to create a final T1 image, because I can’t find any difference between the generated NIfTI images. Is there a way to do that? I will need a T1 image in DICOM or NIfTI if it is possible…
Thank you !

Have you tried the latest version of dcm2niix?

Yes, but as the format is not DICOM I get the following error:

Chris Rorden’s dcm2niiX version v1.0.20180306 GCC5.4.0 (64-bit Linux)
Error: Unable to find any DICOM images in FOLDER

Do you know the format of your images? Before DICOM, GE saved data as Signa format
I have not seen these for a decade or so, but for an old archival study you would want to try dcm2nii, which did handle these files. Do be careful that the spatial orientation is converted correctly - these images predate the NIfTI standard.

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dcm2nii works!
thank you so much for your help