Gene expression decoding in NeuroVault is unaccessible

I find that the gene decoding function is greyed out for the whole-brain unthresholded images I uploaded. No warning has occurred. I am working on a group averaged images, and all of the images were in MNI space by using FSL. Can someone give me advice on the problem?
Thanks a lot,

Here is my uploaded image;; Hope someone could help me with the question. :smiley:

Not sure why the link is greyed out, looking into it. Going directly to the gene expression url seems to work:

To confirm this was the page you were looking for?

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Thanks a lot ! That’s what I’m found! But I have some other tiny question. Could not the gene decoding results be accessed by API? I have tried many paths, but the results could not be downloaded at any try.

Excuse me! I did the step like this,but I could not get
my gene expression decoding results.This is my T map
FWHM and T2P , could you help me to resolve my problem? Thanks a lot!