Gene expression decoding in NeuroVault


I am a new user of NeuroVault, and I am looking to decode a MRI
statistical map using gene expression decoding provided in NeuroVault.
But I feel a bit confused about the result values. The outputs of
decoding are t, p, p(corr), variance explained and ±.
My questions,

  1. I think this p value is FDR corrected. Then is it corrected to
    account all the genes in the database (i.e., 20787 entries)?
    2.I guess that p(corr) is the pearson correlation coefficient
    corresponding to the p value, isn’t right?
    3.What does the “variance explained” mean?
    4.Can I get the plot of the relationship between gene expression and
    statistical map in NeuroVault?
    5.Could you please tell me where the added Gene Enrichment Analysis is
    ( I can’t find the
    link in the website.
    Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes,

No - the p column is raw uncorrected p-value.

Nope - those are the FDR corrected (for all considered genes) p-values.

It’s the amount of variance in the statistical maps that could be explained by the variance in the given gene expression pattern. Averaged across 6 donor brains.

No currently, but you can try to adapt some code from

This is an open issue that have not been yet implemented. We would love your help in adding it.

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your reply.

Best wishes,

I am also a new user of NeuroVault, and I am looking to decode an FDG-PET
statistical map (group study) using gene expression decoding provided in NeuroVault.
But, as I upload the .nii image file on the NeuroVault website, the gene expression decoding option in the Analysis section is disabled and I cannot do any gene expression decoding. Would you please let me know, how can I handle this issue?

The problem was resolved!