General questions regarding Nipype installation and additional interfaces


I’ve been reading about Nipype over the past couple of days, and am really interested in using it for my fMRI pre-processing and modeling. Do I not need to install programs such as FSL, SPM, ANTS since those functions and commands will already be there when I download Nipype? This is the impression I’m getting, but when reading over the guide it suggests installing those interfaces as well ( Would I only want to download an interface in order to be able to view the images through the interface GUI, or is there some other reason for wanting to download interface(s)?

Thanks for the clarification.


Hi Dan,

While Nipype includes some standalone interfaces, the bulk of the package serves as a wrapper for other commands, which need to be installed separately. If you wish to play around with nipype and learn how to use it, I would highly recommend pulling the tutorial docker image and following along with some examples!

Currently we don’t have a GUI, but there are other packages that have built GUIs on top of nipype - for example porcupine

Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!