Gin + SSH issue on linux

Hi, I am new to #datalad. When I try to publish a data set on gin, only the references get uploaded, not the actual files - I am sure this is a rookie issue. This is datalad 0.12.6 from neurodebian.

=UPDATE 19/11/2020===Previous error===
(I am leaving it here in case someone has the same problem)
I was running datalad with sudo and so ssh was looking for keys in /root/.ssh/.
I simply set the permissions for the current user and it works without root privilages.

sudo chown -R ${LOGNAME} $(pwd)
sudo chmod -R u+rwX $(pwd)

In short, when I try to publish a dataset on GIN I get the following error:
[INFO ] Publishing <Dataset path=<<PATH, changed this manually>>> to gin Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).
ConnectionOpenFailedError: command ‘[‘ssh’, ‘-fN’, ‘-o’, ‘ControlMaster=auto’, ‘-o’, ‘ControlPersist=15m’, ‘-o’, ‘ControlPath=/home/ondrej/.cache/datalad/sockets/e52fb3b6’, ‘’]’ failed with exitcode 255
Failed to open SSH connection (could not start ControlMaster process)

Steps that I took beforehand:
0. I am using out-of-box ubuntu 18.04

  1. I created a repo on GIN
  2. I cloned the repo using the HTTP protocol (sibling1)
  3. populated with data, and saved
  4. published using sibling1, but only the references got to the server (not the actual data)
  5. added another sibling (sibling2) using SSH (ssh key previously set up, no prompt)
  6. datalad publish --to sibling2 gives no output
  7. datalad publish -f --to sibling2 produces the error above.
  8. also tried with admin priviliges
    Thanks for having a look at the issue! As I said, I am new, so this is likely a rookie mistake. In essence I want the data to actually be uploaded, so that I can use them flexibly on different machines.


datalad publish --to [YOUR REMOTE] --transfer-data all

publish will deprecated soon and replaced by push, so in the future
datalad push --to [YOUR REMOTE] --transfer-data all