`git-annex: user error` occurs after pulled a datalad create commit

With no username and email address set in git, datalad siblings command returns siblings.
But, after pulled a datalad create commit, datalad siblings causes the following error.
If I add the username and email address to my git configuration, the error does not occur, but why do I get this error after the pull?
I would appreciate any suggestions or information.

The steps I tried are as follows

  1. create ‘datalad-siblings’ repository on GIN
  2. commit Dockerfile to the repository
  3. create two jupyter runtime environments(A and B) using BinderHub
  4. on A, execute following commands
    4-1. set both ‘user.name’ and ‘user.email’ git configuration variables.
    4-2. datalad create --force
    4-3. `datalad push --to origin’
  5. on B, execute following commands
    5-1. datalad siblings → Success
    5-2. datalad update -s origin
    5-3. datalad siblings → Error

packages version

  • datalad==0.17.6
  • git==2.35.0
  • git-annex==8.20210903

I can only answer “because you didn’t listen to what was recommended, i.e. to configure git” or that I might not understand your question?

Thank you, yarikoptic.

I understand that git user settings can help, but I am wondering why datalad siblings sometimes returns a list of remotes and sometimes it does not if I do not have user settings.
By the way, at any point in time, if it is git, I can get a list of remotes with git remote -v.