Glasser 360 atlas in nilearn


I was wondering if the Glasser 360 atlas has been ever ported to python or nilearn, since I cannot find it over the internet. I would like to plot the atlas on the fsaverage brain, ideally one time using all regions and another time only specific regions.
Is there a possibility to do this?


Hi @Philipp ,

The atlas on fsaverage is available here, though it is not distributed in Nilearn.

For plotting, I’d recommend plot_surf_roi !



Indeed, what matters is that you get the atlas. You can then use it with all Nilearn maskers.

Thanks to both of you, I will check that out.

I know this isn’t exactly how you have your data, but if you are working with the CIFTI format e.g. the 91k fsLR surface used by HCP, the hcp utils library has an hcp.mmp object that maps the surface mesh to the Glasser parcels. Introduction | hcp-utils