Glasser parcellation in Python with fmriprep data

Dear Neurostars team,
I would like to apply a parcellation on my fmriprep data and I was wondering if it was possible to do a Glasser parcellation in Python.

Thank you,

Hi @Joan_Carreras_Diaz,

Yes, you can use nilearn.maskers.NiftiLabelsMasker do to this. The volumetric atlas is in MNI152_ICBM2009a_nlin space, so make sure you use the appropriate output-space in fMRIPrep. You could also try some of the surface masking functions in development, since the Glasser atlas was originally designed as a surface-based atlas: A short demo of the surface images & maskers - Nilearn


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Hi @Joan_Carreras_Diaz , If you got surface outputs from fmriprep, you may find this ressource useful: