GPT-3 model discussion

Hi all! You might have heard of the GPT-3 NLP model, a pretty wild incremental step in artificial intelligence research. If not, check out the paper: and these tweets/links of people using it to write poetry, management essays, code, creative writing and a very profound sentence:
This all seems very relevant to what we’re learning during this program so I thought it could be fun to start a discussion with whoever’s interested. I’d love to dive into the algorithm with people here. Also if anyone has been playing with this already and would be willing to teach/share, please step forward that’d be amazing!


I don’t think it’s publicly available yet, is it? I was just reading this interesting observation from an “early access” user on twitter. Looks like you need to “prime” the model well in order to get good outputs.

I haven’t been keeping up with GPT, but would love to be involved in a discussion. I’ll try to read the paper in the next day or so.

Saw that thread about priming the model, she got it to work! The few-shot extrapolation sounds insane.
You’re right the API isn’t publicly available, but the paper is - that would be the matter of the discussion. Also asking if anyone has played with it, i.e. has access to the beta.

I’ve been messing around a bit with AI Dungeon’s ‘dragon model’ which implements some form of GPT-3. I think there are some modifications made to make it more ‘story-like’, but I have been able to get some interesting results out of it. There’s more discussion of using AI Dungeon to mess around with GTP-3 here. My favorite result I’ve gotten thus far is this completion of Dr. Seuss (prompt in bold).

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