GQI / GQI2 with shell sampling schemes


I am wanting to use dipy’s implementation of gqi with the ABCD dataset. I know GQI can be used with a shell sampling scheme, but I can’t find anything specific as to whether one can use GQI2 with a shell sampling scheme.

Does anyone know conclusively, oen way or the other, whether one can use GQI2 with a shell sampling scheme (as opposed to a grid sampling scheme)

Also, the dipy example page for gqi seems to be outdated, as the sampling length in the example is 3, but since dipy 0.9.0, this sampling length should be in the 1-1.3 range. The reason for this - since dipy 0.9.0, the sampling range from GQI2 has been brought into the sampling range of GQI.

A follow up question then - Looking under the hood, I couldn’t find where this conversion of sampling_length for gqi2 is. Any pointers there would also be helpful.