GSoC 2021 project 20.3:Improving end-to-end testing and code documentation for BrainBox

Neuroimaging data requires a large effort of curation and annotation. These tasks are lengthy, and often performed independently by different research groups. BrainBox is a tool providing a real-time interactive platform to perform these tasks. As BrainBox increases in complexity, the necessity of a more extensive testing suit is required to ensure its robustness and reliability. A framework is already in place, with a battery of unit tests as well as end-to-end tests, however, many aspects of BrainBox are still not covered.

Challenge: Extend the coverage of the unit and end-to-end tests of BrainBox, integrate them in the continuous integration of the platform, and implement continuous deployment. Vision. Every time a collaborator proposes a modification to BrainBox, the test suit should be able to determine whether the changes can be safely merged. The increased robustness of BrainBox should reassure future users on the reliability of the platform, and encourage our community to work distributedly and collaboratively.

Skills needed: DevOps, Mocha, Chai, Puppeteer, Websockets, CircleCI, Git, Github, Javascript, Vuejs, jQuery

Keywords: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Mocha, chai, puppeteer, CircleCI, Websocket, node.js and mongodb for server and database,

BrainBox Lead mentor: Roberto Toro
Co-mentor: Katja Heuer

Tags: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Mocha, chai, puppeteer, CircleCI, Websocket, node.js MongoDB, BrainBox, Vuejs, jQuery