GSoC 2021 project 20.3:Improving end-to-end testing and code documentation for BrainBox

Neuroimaging data requires a large effort of curation and annotation. These tasks are lengthy, and often performed independently by different research groups. BrainBox is a tool providing a real-time interactive platform to perform these tasks. As BrainBox increases in complexity, the necessity of a more extensive testing suit is required to ensure its robustness and reliability. A framework is already in place, with a battery of unit tests as well as end-to-end tests, however, many aspects of BrainBox are still not covered.

Challenge: Extend the coverage of the unit and end-to-end tests of BrainBox, integrate them in the continuous integration of the platform, and implement continuous deployment. Vision. Every time a collaborator proposes a modification to BrainBox, the test suit should be able to determine whether the changes can be safely merged. The increased robustness of BrainBox should reassure future users on the reliability of the platform, and encourage our community to work distributedly and collaboratively.

Skills needed: DevOps, Mocha, Chai, Puppeteer, Websockets, CircleCI, Git, Github, Javascript, Vuejs, jQuery

Keywords: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Mocha, chai, puppeteer, CircleCI, Websocket, node.js and mongodb for server and database,

BrainBox Lead mentor: Roberto Toro
Co-mentor: Katja Heuer

Tags: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Mocha, chai, puppeteer, CircleCI, Websocket, node.js MongoDB, BrainBox, Vuejs, jQuery

Hey, I already introduced myself on the other Brainbox project.
I think I am sufficiently equipped to take this project.
I’ll present my proposal in the video call…

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How nice to hear from you also on this project! :star_struck: Yes, on the call we will be able to see better what everyone would like to work on and be able to work on. We were also thinking that the person taking on this particular project, could have some sort of project owner role for the other 2, making sure the implementation follows the best practices and will have good tests and doc as well etc, in case the person feels comfortable to take this role :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you this Wednesday!! :slight_smile:

katja & roberto

It would be an honour for me personally to take up this role.
Thanks again…
I look forward to meeting you fine people.

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Hi @katjaq @malin I’m Keshav Gupta doing my in computer science & engineering from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra India. I’m interesting in this project and In Gsoc I want to work on this project. Where Should I get the link to also join the video call.

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Hello @keshav123 . Thanks for saying hi and being interested in working with us. We will meet on the BrainWeb: . (Meeting in about 4 hours from now :slight_smile:

see you there! best,
katja & roberto

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I’ve sent you a sample draft containing my ideas via email.
Kindly have a look at it and review it.
This will help me move forward to write my draft proposal.
I’ll send it again after that. :sweat_smile:

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Sorry for pinging you again and again.
But please try to have a look if possible. :sweat_smile:

Kindly look into this as only 3 days remain before the proposals open.
So it would be really great if we get ours reviewed soon.
Thanks & Regards…

Hi Aditya,

I have emailed the mentors that students are waiting for responses; I have not received a reply yet, but I’ll kepp trying. Remember to ping them, that can help @katjaq @rto /Malin

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Thanks a lot for your help.


Hello @adityaofficial10 , Thank you for the draft. \ö// We add our comments to the document and discuss there? and for general chat we use neurostars to keep it all in one place? :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Thanks a lot @katjaq
I’d send it to you shortly…

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Fantastic! Thank you @adityaofficial10 :rocket:
From what we saw in your email it all looked great what you checked to investigate test coverage and where it is still missing. Also the ways you identified to go forward looked good \\ö// (you saw our email, right? like about 10 days ago or so). Your proposition to split the 3 different test types etc. :slight_smile: So we are really looking forward to your draft – it doesn’t need to be polished, you can share early on and we can jump in there. Thank you so much for your work! :blue_heart:

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation…
I checked that immediately…
I am almost done with it…
Adding a bit of details wouldn’t hurt I suppose. :sweat_smile:
Just a couple of hours and it will be ready with the complete plan.

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@katjaq @rto
I have prepared a draft proposal and submitted it.
Kindly have a look and review it.
This will help me improve it further.
Thanks & Regards…

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Thank you ! well received. :slight_smile: We’ll have a look later today! (So please expect our comments for your tomorrow, take care of yourself, it is late in your place).

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Thanks a lot @katjaq !
I’ve added your email there
So there shouldn’t be any issues with access.
Take care & Have a good day! :grinning:

hello! it looks very nice!

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
It means a lot…
Once we finish finalising, I’ll submit it officially…
Best Regards…