GSoC 2021 project idea 16.2: Make BRIAN run in the web browser via Pyodide

BRIAN simulations can currently only run in a web browser if a server runs the code. Due to recent improvements in browser technology such as WebAssembly, browser are however capable of executing computationally complex code themselves, directly on the client machine.

The Pyodide project leverages this technology to run the Python scientific stack in the browser, and we have shown with a prototype project that this can be extended to support BRIAN. The specific aims of this project are to:

  • create a robust Pyodide implementation of BRIAN2 that gets updated automatically with new releases of BRIAN2
  • create convenient methods to display simulation results in the browser
  • investigate integrating this with the current BRIAN documentation and/or on a dedicated “showcase” website

Skills: Python programming and basic web development (HTML, JavaScript), experience with WebAssembly helpful

Mentors: Marcel Stimberg @mstimberg , Dan Goodman @d.goodman

Tags: BRIAN, Python, HTML, JavaScript