GSoC 2021 Project Idea 19.4: DIPY Projects - DIPY-Tract-or-Treat: DIPY DTI Post-Processing Pipeline

Description: DIPY has several methods for reconstruction, tractography, bundle extraction, and tratometry. The idea of this project is to combine them all into one command-line interface that does reconstruction, tractography, bundle extraction, and bundle analytics. Users will have the option to select among different methods and design their pipeline from the list of available options.


  • Understand DIPY and its workflows thoroughly
  • Create a command-line interface (workflow) to create a pipeline of different existing methods.
  • Test in on data

Difficulty: Intermediate

Skills required: Python

Skills preferred: Experience with Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Mentors: Bramsh Qamar Chandio, Shreyas Fadnavis, and Jong Sung Park

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Hello @bramsh @ShreyasFadnavis @Jong Sung Park
I also find this project interesting for me beside the one about visualization options of diffusion data. I started learning neuroimaging short time age from Coursera (Fundamental of Neuroscience and Neuroimaging specialization ) I am wondering about the experience with Diffusion Tensor Imaging skill, Do I need to do something else concerning this point !?
I know I am asking a lot but I am really exciting to work on these kind of projects :star_struck:
Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to here from soon.

Hi @omarelsherif010

You can start by familiarizing yourself with DIPY workflows. You can check some examples here dipy/doc/interfaces at master · dipy/dipy · GitHub

Interested students, please send your CV to

Hi @bramsh
I went through all the DIPY interfaces and run some of them on my local machine using the DIPY datasets. Now I think I have fairly good understanding of what I need to do in this project.
I have been studying the DIPY tutorials and trying them for a month and half until now and it was really interesting journey although I had my first semester final exams during March and so there was so littlie time for me to have fun with DIPY. But thanks god I got 3.965 GPA and first in class :grin:
I really want to thank you and DIPY team for 2021 DIPY workshop as it helped me a lot and I understood a lot of concepts because of it. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the zoom meetings to ask questions because of my exams. Anyway, I am very proud I didn’t it up until this point :muscle:
I am about to finish my first proposal draft and I am asking if I can send it through email to review and tips for improving.
Thanks for your time and happy to work with you

Hi @bramsh
I have sent you my draft proposal. Kindly tell me your opinion and recommendation to improve it.

Hi @omarelsherif010

Thanks for sharing your proposal draft. I will get back to you by the end of this week.

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