GSoC 2021 Project Idea 25.1: LORIS open data platform for neuroscience research

Interested in data platforms, open science, visualization, or neuroscience studies? Projects can be proposed to match the applicant’s interests, background and strengths, and developed with input from our team. Some examples from past INCF Google Summer of Code projects include: new module development, automated testing, API development.

Read on for important information about LORIS, try it at, and look at our GitHub Issues for ideas.

Then email your CV and 2 tentative project ideas to Lead Mentor Christine Rogers <>. @crogers

About LORIS :
LORIS (website: | is an open-source database for neuroscience research projects and Open Science initiatives, used by researchers in 22 countries. LORIS’ open-stack web platform is used by scientists to collect and curate, analyze and share data - including brain scans, genetic data, psychological tests, wearables, and more. 3D visualization and advanced data tools provide a dynamic workflow environment for complex neuroinformatics research.

LORIS currently hosts datasets such as the UK Biobank and and the BigBrain 3D Atlas ( - a high-resolution model of the human brain. Visit or for more information - Try LORIS at

Working with LORIS :
LORIS runs on linux, mysql, javascript/React and php, with a RESTful API and NoSQL querying engine. LORIS developers work on this open stack with ubuntu and git, and we collaborate extensively on our team GitHub at

LORIS is made by a diverse team of 20 developers currently working remotely and based at the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. We especially encourage those with background or interest in neuroscience, medicine or psychology research, bioinformatics, or image/signal processing to apply.