GSoC 2021 project idea 3.2: Deep Learning for Diatom Non-neuronal Cognition

The aim of this project will be to improve upon a Deep Learning model that extracts morphological features from microscopy images of Bacillaria Paradoxa. This will allow our organization to begin creating a database for the study of movement behavior and non-neuronal cognition in simple multicellular organisms. You will be improving upon the Digital Bacillaria project, which was started in the Summer of 2019. This year our main aim is to enhance the existing deep learning model (implemented in TensorFlow), as well as integrate the model into our species-specific library of machine learning models (DevoWorm AI). You will be involved in pre-processing and analyzing microscopy videos from our database of Bacillaria movement, along with tweaking the model for greater generalization. Integration of the model will involve adding functionality in the form of an interactive GUI, which will allow our community to analyze and display the data in terms of interesting behavioral variables.

The successful applicant will be proficient in Python, C++, the basics of Machine Learning libraries and computer vision, HTML, and CSS.

More information can be found at:

Mentors: Bradly Alicea @b.alicea , Mayukh Deb @Mayukhdeb

Tags: DevoWorm, Python, deep learning, machine learning, TensorFlow, GUI, C++, HTML, CSS


Hi @malin !
This project sounds an exciting work to do over summers to me. I have worked on deep learning applications in computer vision and find this project amazing intersecting of my previous course work and practical experience. I wanted to take a look at the existing work done and the dataset, are they publicly available? Also, do you have any evaluation task or something similar for this?

Hi @Mayukhdeb and @b.alicea
I’m Yash Vadi, an undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Surat. I got interested in this project because I’ve always been infatuated with deep learning projects and it also fits my skill set very well.
I have two months of relevant work experience as a Machine Learning project intern at Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO). During the internship period, I implemented Single Shot Detection Model in Tensorflow and MPCM fuzzy classifier algorithm in python.
I’m looking forward to contributing to this organization and improve my skills.
It would be great I anyone can guide me on this project.

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Hi @khizirsiddiqui and @YashMaxy
Thank you for your interest!. I encourage both of you to join our slack. We can continue our discussion there.

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Hello @malin and @Mayukhdeb. I am looking forward to contribute to this project. I have a query though, on exactly what channel of Slack, the discussion about this particular project is being done?