GSoC 2021 project idea 5.3: Enhancing web interface and automated processes of the Neurodata Extensions Catalog

Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) is a data standard for neurophysiology, providing neuroscientists with a common standard to share, archive, use, and build analysis tools for neurophysiology data. The NWB standard can be extended to support new and specialized data types through the creation of user-defined neurodata extensions (NDX).

The Neurodata Extensions Catalog ( provides a centralized listing of neurodata extensions for users to publish, share, find, and discuss extensions. The Catalog relies on a set of automated processes for testing, reviewing, and updating extensions, similar to the feedstock model used by conda-forge.

The first aim of this project is to improve the robustness of the Neurodata Extensions Catalog by using authenticated GitHub API requests and caching responses. The second aim of this project is to support continuous integration for the Catalog so that unit tests and other processes are automatically run when new extensions are submitted, approved, and updated. Students should be familiar with Python, APIs, and continuous integration (CI). Familiarity with the GitHub API, GitHub Pages, conda-forge, or neuroscience is also helpful.

Lead mentor: Ryan Ly @rly
Backup mentor: Oliver Ruebel

Tags: NWB, Python, GitHub API, continuous integration, GitHub pages

Venerated @malin ,

I hope you are safe and in good health in the wake of prevailing COVID-19.

My name is Rohan Gupta and I am a 3rd-year Computer Science undergraduate student at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. I have been working with Python for a couple of years now and have in-depth knowledge of it. I want to contribute to the Project: Enhancing web interface and automated processes of the Neurodata Extensions Catalog, as part of GSoC 2021.

It would be a great assistance if you could suggest how to get started.

I wish to learn a lot under your guidance.

Hi @Rohan-cod ,

Thank you for your interest in this project! I am the lead mentor for the project, and I would be happy to help you apply to work on this project and draft a proposal that aligns with your interests and skills and our project needs. We will have to move quickly because I believe the deadline for applications is April 13. Have you done Google Summer of Code before? Have you used the GitHub API, GitHub Pages, or continuous integration before? If so, could you please point me to some work related to those topics?

Thank you,