GSoC 2021 project idea 6.3: Brian2GeNN

Brian2GeNN (GitHub - brian-team/brian2genn: Brian 2 frontend to the GeNN simulator) is an interface between the popular Brian 2 simulator for neuronal networks and GeNN, a software that supports efficient simulation of spiking neural networks on GPUs and similar backends. When Brian2GeNN was created, a number of Brian 2 and GeNN features could not be supported as corresponding mechanisms in the respective other software were not available or not easily translatable. With further development of both systems, many of these restrictions can now be removed. In this project you will remove unnecessary restrictions in Brian2GeNN, including but not limited to

  • Heterogeneous synaptic delays
  • Neuron and synapse initialisation on GPU

Skills required: Python, C++; experience with Brian 2, GeNN, or even Brian2GeNN would be highly beneficial

Mentors: Jamie Knight @jamie (, Marcel Stimberg (, and Thomas Nowotny @tnowotny (

Tags: GeNN, Python, C++; Brian 2, GeNN, Brian2GeNN

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