GSoC 2021 project idea 9.6: Detect Early Onset Dementia

Sea Hero Quest (SHQ) is a citizen science project which uses gamification as a means to collect large scale data for future use in preclinical dementia diagnosis. SHQ has to date collected data from 4.5 million healthy people worldwide. In addition, our collaborator Prof. Hornberger has patient cohort data on the game. The game itself collects basic demographic and level outcome measures, and trajectory data (position, heading direction) for each player in each level is collected every 500ms. This fully anonymised data can potentially be used to predict the risk of early onset of dementia through trajectory information. This project will involve developing a direct interface to the SHQ game so that we can develop tools to process data and ultimately, attempt to make predictions.

Mentor: Tony Bagnall


I am Abhishek Parashar currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in India. I have research papers published in Elsevier Journal on EEG and Depression detection.
I had some doubts regarding this project.
This Project’s main aim is to develop a game or interface as a project for data collection or use the data collected to make predictions and help in early detection of Dementia.

@TonyBagnall can you please help me with this doubt.