GSoC 2022 Project Idea 14.1: InterLex (175/350 h)

InterLex (, which supports INCF’s KnowledgeSpace, is a dynamic lexicon of biomedical terms. Unlike an encyclopedia, a lexicon provides the meaning of a term, and not all there is to know about it. InterLex is being constructed to help improve the way that biomedical scientists communicate about their data, so that information systems like NIF and dkNET can find data more easily and provide more powerful means of integrating that data across distributed resources.

Mentors: The primary mentors for these projects would be Tom Gillespie and Fahim Imam (mainainters of the NIF ontologies and SCKAN), Jeffrey Grethe @jgrethe (PI for InterLex associated projects), Monique Surles-Ziegler (SPARC anatomical ontology working group).

Skill level: intermediate/experienced

Aim: The projects will focus on adding specific components to InterLex to enhance the semantic descriptions of terms and integrate select additional information from other knowledge sources (e.g. from SCKAN below)

Tech keywords: Ontology, SPARQL, Python, GUI, PHP