GSoC 2022 Project Idea 15.2: Validation engine for BIDS datasets (350 h)

The ancpBIDS implementation allows to plug-in additional functionality at API level. Interested contributors are expected to use the plug-in mechanism to extend the validation module of ancpBIDS to allow for more complex validation rules derivable from the BIDS specification (human-readable) and/or the BIDS schema (machine-readable).

Skills: Contributors should have an intermediate level in Python and should know about basic principles of Software Engineering in order to get the most out of this project.


  • Analyze problem domain - What is the challenge?
  • Design possible solutions
  • Implement and test at least one of the solutions
  • Report status on a bi-weekly basis to a broader audience (lab intern, online)

Mentors: Erdal Karaca @erdalkaraca (lead mentor), Aaron Reer @Aaron_Reer (co-mentor)

Tech keywords: Python, BIDS

As the current validation rules of ancpBIDS is quite limited, this contribution will have a huge qualitative impact on the project: