GSoC 2022 Project Idea 16.2: A pythonic implementation of topup (350 h)

A popular request is to bring topup [1] in a simple pythonic implementation that can be easily extended. The student will work on implementing topup (or similar function) from the ground up using Python, Cython and Numpy.

Difficulty: Hard

Time: Full time

Skills required: Strong familiarity with diffusion MRI, Python, Numpy, Cython or C/C++

Mentors: Jongsung Park @pjsjongsung, Shreyas Fadnavis @ShreyasFadnavis, Bramsh Qamar Chandio @bramsh

Tech keywords: Python, C/C++

[1] J.L.R. Andersson, S. Skare, J. Ashburner. How to correct susceptibility distortions in spin-echo echo-planar images: application to diffusion tensor imaging. NeuroImage, 20(2):870-888, 2003.