GSoC 2022 Project Idea 20.1: Contribute to LORIS (175/350 h)

Interested in data platforms, open science, visualization, or neuroscience studies?

Projects can be proposed to match the applicant’s interests, background and strengths, and developed with input from our team. Some examples from past INCF Google Summer of Code projects include: new module development, imaging pipelines, automated testing, API development.

How to apply: If you might be interested, send a quick email to our Lead Mentor < [at] > @crogers to introduce yourself and share your CV. If our projects could be a good match, we’ll walk you through the GSOC proposal process.

Planned effort: 350 (preferred) or 175 hours

Intended skill level: Intermediate, Advanced

Project effort: Full-time (preferred) or Half-time; extended half-time project also possible.

Pre-requisite skills: strong coding foundation, typically in python or javascript or unix-based experience. Some knowledge of psychology/science research, databasing or imaging is an asset.


LORIS is an open-source database for neuroscience research projects and Open Science initiatives.

LORIS databases are used by research projects in 22 countries. LORIS’ open-stack web platform is used by scientists to collect and curate, analyze and share data - including brain scans, genetic data, psychological tests, wearables, electrophysiology and more. 3D visualization and advanced data tools provide a dynamic workflow environment for complex neuroinformatics research.

For a few examples, LORIS currently hosts datasets such as the UK Biobank and the BigBrain 3D Atlas ( - a high-resolution model of the human brain.

Working with LORIS

LORIS runs on linux, mysql, javascript/React and php, with a RESTful API and NoSQL querying engine. LORIS developers work on this open stack, and we collectively test and review code at

We’d love to have you join our diverse team of 20 developers affiliated with the Montreal Neurological Institute and McGill University in Montreal, Canada – We especially encourage those from underrepresented backgrounds and/or interest in neuroscience, medicine or psychology research, bioinformatics, or image/signal processing to apply.

Tech keywords: LORIS, JavaScript, React, REST, NoSQL, databasing, imaging, platform, open science, MRI, EEG

Hello @crogers

I am Satvik Singh, a pre-final year undergraduate from NITK. I am very interested in this project and would like to contribute. I am proficient in Javascript, React, REST, NoSQL.

It would be great if you could guide to towards the first steps so I could start contributing. I have sent my CV to your email and introduced myself there too

Thank You!