GSoC 2022 Project Idea 23.1: GBC EEG Open Platform

The Global Brain Consortium (GBC) aims to develop an open platform for freely spreading up-to-date methods and certified data among a large community of EEG researcher all around the world. This platform will also facilitate the standardization of methodologies among researchers and will be a step towards the reproducible research. The present project consists in developing tools to be populated in the platform. They will include programming algorithms for:

  • standardization of data storage formats, from the original format stored by the different EEG devices to the newly standard BIDS format.
  • 3D interactive visualization of brain topographies as well as connectivity-tensors at the scalp and the cortex, over time or frequency, which can be shown on web browsers.
  • Dockerization of tools into existing open-source repositories, like CBRAIN, EBRAIN, LORIS, etc., and dynamic design of interfaces.
  • Programming basic code to create multinational norms of EEG cross-spectrum and brain microstates.
  • Brain dynamics using neural network programming.
  • Developing a multilingual translator for the CBRAIN.
  • Programming new EEG inverse methodologies.
  • Standardization of pipelines for EEG signal cleaning and artifact rejection.
  • Development of platforms for collaborative work in EEG research with different levels of data sharing: a) raw EEG and MRI; b) cross-spectra and Lead Fields, c) only sufficient statistics.

Planned effort: 350 hours.

Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced.

Pre-requisite skills (at least 3 of them): Comfortable with MATLAB, Python, Jupiter Notebooks, Windows, and Linux. Experience with image/video processing and data visualization. Knowledge of JavaScript, VS-coding, and Node-JS. Mathematics, deep learning, differential equations, neural networks.

Lead mentor: Pedro Valdes-Sosa @PedroV

Co-mentor: Jorge Bosch-Bayard @JBosch, Deirel Paz-Linares, Eduardo Aubert-Vazquez, Arturo Orellana, Héctor González

Tech keywords: Matlab, Python, Javascript, Node-JS, Windows/Linux, brain dynamics.


Hello @PedroV and @JBosch,

I am Austin and am interested in working on this project. I have gone through the requirement and have a basic understanding of all the prerequisites. I will start working in-depth on these topics.
I need some guidance on how to proceed with it.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

@malin @arnab1896
Can anyone assign me this project and get me in contact with mentors.

Hi @Austin_Pereira
Many thanks for your interest. The mentors will get back to you with details such as next steps. Although I would please request you to note that we do not assign projects as such at this stage. At this stage, all prospective contributors are welcome to engage with mentors in discussing how to proceed but ultimately you will have to create a project proposal and apply on GSoC portal.

While the mentors get back with details, I request you to familiarize yourself with GSoC timeline on the website - Google Summer of Code and also read through the contributor guidelines - Guides  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers

Let us know in case of any queries. We are happy to help.


Hi @PedroV , @JBosch

Please could you share some details with regards to project codebase link or maybe some good beginner level issues that prospective contributors (such as @Austin_Pereira ) can work on to demonstrate interest in the project.

Also, would be great if you can please share a communication pathway for prospective contributors such as email or slack channel or mailing list etc.


Hi Arnab,
Thanks a lot for the reply waiting for the mentors to get back so that I can work on collective ideas suggested by mentors and start working on beginner level issues

Hi Austin

Thank you very much for your interest. I understand you are a programmer? Can you tell us your basic skill? which languages you have worked on? which type of projects you have done? which projects you are more interested in?

Please check the GBC webpage for you to have more information about the project:

Very related to this is the Cuba-Canada-China Axis, which is the collaboration project that was the basis of the GBC:

We will contact you soon and will be sending you more information.

warm regards


I know the basic machine learning skills and maths required for it, java, python, c++, javascript, and know to work with Jupiter notebooks. Also, I am planning to get into cyber security so started working on Linux recently. I am interested in neuroinformatics projects and found the projects which incf has been doing recently. I was interested in this project. I have worked on Arduino projects, web development, 2-3 machine learning projects, and recently started doing open source development @JBosch

Thank you very much Austin, for sharing your information. Very interesting background. We will get back to you soon.
best regards

Hi Arnab
Thanks. Yes, we are preparing a small project to serve as example for the prospective contributors.
My email is:
Pedro’s email is:

best wishes

@arnab1896 can you tell me what to do ahead

Hi @Austin_Pereira , could you please write to Pedro and me by email?

My email is:
Pedro’s email is:

Best regards

Sent an email to both email accounts

@arnab1896 @malin I did not receive any reply from the mentors this week. Can you please help me with it?

Hi @Austin_Pereira, I have emailed both mentors and asked them to look for your email, and to contact you here if they cannot find it.