GSoC 2022 Project Idea 8.1: Integrate TVB with Zenodo (175/350 h)

TVB ( has a demo dataset currently published on Zenodo (tvb-data - Extended Dataset | Zenodo). We use it by manually downloading it, unzip then use inside tvb code and web GUI. We intend to use Zenodo API instead.

The task is mainly for part-time, if only the above feature will be used, but it can be extended if needed with other external data sources for full time applicants.
More details here:

Expected results: A set of classes , with demo Jupyter notebook, and unittests.

Skills: Python, Zenodo, Jupyter

Mentors: Lia Domide @liadomide , Paula Prodan @Popa_Paula , Romina Baila @romina.baila

Tech keywords: Python, Jupyter, API


Hello, I am Pranav Joshi, 3rd year Undergraduate in Computer Science. I liked the idea of this project and would like to contribute to this project. Can you please guide me, on how can I start contributing and work on my proposal for this project?

Hi Pranav, let me tag the mentors for you: @liadomide, @Popa_Paula, @romina.baila

Malin, org admin

Hi @pranav_joshi,

I am happy to hear of your interest into this project!
The first steps would be to try understanding TVB application in general a bit (what is needs to do, what are the entry points).
It is in fact up to you how you do that:

In case you run into trouble, please feel free to join the Skype conversation Join conversation and ask questions.

Next steps would be to start working on a proposal document for the GSOC process. We strongly advice you to have that done iteratively, so that we can comment, ask questions, put suggestions…

I hope these help you a bit.

Have a great day,

@liadomide Thanks for the resources, I will start reading about the app and will also start working on my proposal shortly so that we can discuss my proposal for further improvements and incorporate your suggestions into it as well.