GSoC 2023 Project Idea 14.1 DueCredit 2.0: the one and only platform for automated citation of used methods and software (175/350 h)

DueCredit was conceived to address the problem of inadequate citation of scientific software and methods, and limited visibility of donation requests for open-source software. It provides a simple framework (at the moment for Python only) to embed publication or other references in the original code so they are automatically collected and reported to the user at the necessary level of reference detail, i.e. only references for actually used functionality will be presented back if software provides multiple citeable implementations. It is already known to be used by over 10 projects, but have not seen active development recently and some already prototyped features were not finalized. The goal of this GSoC project would be to provide boost to DueCredit development and enhance it with:

Skill level: Intermediat/advanced

Required skills: Software development in Python, familiarity with GitHub and its CI. Good to have: documentation composition/building using sphinx, familiarity with citation formats e.g BibTeX/RIS, knowledge of working with types and data structures in Python in particular using pydantic.

Time commitment: Flexible (175/350 h)

Lead mentor: Yaroslav Halchenko

Project website:

Backup mentors: Isaac To

Tech keywords: Python, Bibliography, Sphinx, Software citations


Hello @yaroslav.o.halchenko
While looking through the INCF projects for this year’s Google Summer of Code program, I recently came across this project and was incredibly enthusiastic about the chance to contribute. I have some experience with python, and I think my knowledge and abilities are ideal for this project.

Could you provide me some pointers on how to begin contributing to the project?

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Hi @Hiten_Vidhani , nice to hear from you :slight_smile:
As mentioned in the project idea itself, there are quite a few links and resources shared (like the project website and other github issues etc). Please go through them and try to come up with an idea of how “you” will implement the project. In the meantime, please give @yaroslav.o.halchenko some time to reply.
Happy to help in case of more queries.

Also, please remember, that the more pointed and specific queries you come up with, the better mentors will be able to give you feedback


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Hi @yaroslav.o.halchenko, I am Rajat Partani.
I am interested in the project and am familiar with most of the tech stack.
I have started going through the project requirements and docs. I would love to start contributing to the project.

Dear @arnab1896 I hope this message finds you well. My name is Favour James, and I recently came across your project on the list of ideas for GSOC. I am particularly interested in the issue related to providing Jupyter Notebook support, and I would like to contribute to this project during the GSOC program.

Before I submit my application, I have two questions that I hope you could clarify:

  1. May I begin working on the Jupyter Notebook support issue before the official application period begins?
  2. How can I contribute to the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) during this interim period while I await the opening of the official application period?

I would be grateful if you could provide guidance on these matters, as well as any additional information that could aid me in my contribution to your project.

Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Please propose a project to GSoC INCF organization. It would be great to see DueCredit gaining new super powers.

duecredit is an open-source project under a very permissive license. You do not need to seek permission to use or extend it anyhow any time.

@yarikoptic Sure will submit a proposal