GSoC 2024 Project Idea 15.1 Implementing new features for project dashboard, notebook management, and commenting. Improving security of the user registration system, usability of CSV data browser and querying components. (350 h)

AnalySim is a data sharing and analysis platform that seeks to simplify the visualization of datasets. With Analysim, researchers can collaborate by hosting their data and publishing their analysis notebooks to the world, or browse through multiple user-generated projects.

AnalySim aims to be a data sharing and hosting resource for crowdsourced-analysis of a specific type of dataset: one where many parameter combinations need to be tested and measurements are recorded for each instance. These datasets are very useful in mathematical modeling of natural phenomena, such as in computational neuroscience. We provide easy sharing, analysis, visualization, and collaboration capabilities on these datasets. In this GSoC iteration, we are improving on features developed in the summer of 2023.

Project is still in progress and a demo site is available at:

Source code: GitHub - soft-eng-practicum/AnalySim

Main Technologies: Angular (Typescript), HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, ASP.Net Core (C#), PostgreSQL

Technologies for analysis notebooks: JavaScript (ObservableHQ, D3.js, Vega, Plotly) and Python (Jupyter)

Skill level: intermediate/advanced preferable

Time commitment: Full-time (350 h)

Lead mentor: Cengiz Gunay (

Project website:

Backup mentors: Anca Doloc-Mihu (

Mentor break: Planned break for both mentors due to CNS meeting: June 28 - July 24 still
available, but with limited email contact.


Hi @greg_incf, @cengique : )
I am Kshitij Thareja, a sophomore at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala. After going through the details and understanding the requirements, I can say that it’d be a really interesting project to work on. I have good experience with Python, Javascript and various libraries and frameworks based on it. Additionally, I have worked on the DevOps part for some projects and have good experience with backend development too (primarily in Django).
I’d like to know how I can start working on the project and would love to talk to the mentors for additional guidance.
Looking forward to contributing here!

Kshitij Thareja
GitHub | Portfolio

Hello @greg_incf , @cengique
I am Uday Biswas, a prefinal student at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. I have installed the Analysim repo , but i’m facing some issues regarding setting it up.
may be due to i’m not able to set the correct values of variables in appsettings.json , majorly the smtp part.
can you please guide me how to get the username, senderemail and password of my outlook account, as i am done with database setup.


Hi @Kshitij , it’s great to hear from you. Please email me and Dr Anca Doloc-Mihu (@adm ) at the addresses above so we can set up a time to meet. Attach your resume in the message please.

In the meantime, you should download and follow the instructions to run the project on your own.

Looking forward to it.

Hi @uday_biswas !

Thanks for taking the initiative to set up the project! You need to create or use an existing user account to fill those values. Basically just write your username, email address, and password in the fields.

Also, email me and Dr Anca Doloc-Mihu (@adm ) at the addresses above so we can set up a time to meet. Attach your resume in the message please.

Looking forward to it.

Hello @cengique !!
I am done with the setup of analysim and currently understanding the repository.
and i will email you by today .
very much excited for contributing to analysim.

Thank you .

Hi, My name is Saba Mahmood. I am currently doing BS Data Science. I have hands-on experience of python as i have completed 27 courses on datacamp and 4 guided projects. I am also certified in professional google data analytics course. I believe that my theoretical knowledge and practical experience would be beneficial to help me in this project. I have setup my account on analysim and getting familiar with the site. I tried to create a project of my own but there is something wrong in the website ig. Anyways, I am looking forward to contribute to this project and really excited.

Hi @cengique
Sorry for the late reply, was busy with my exams. I am currently setting up the project in my system. I’ll mail you my details and resume by today.
Thanks : )

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Hello Dr. Gunay and Dr. Anca,
I am interested in participating in this project and would like to apply.
I have skills primarily in Java, JavaScript/HTML/CSS, and Python programming languages and have experience working within Angular, Firebase, and AWS technologies.
You can reach me at:
GitHub: TrippBarker (Tripp Barker) · GitHub
Please email me and I will provide a copy of my resume, thank you for your consideration.

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Hello Dr.Anca and Dr.Gunay,

I would be interested in joining this project. I have experience with Angular, HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. I can be reached at

Thanks ahead of time,

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Hello @Swood11 and @TrippBarker,

We will contact you individually, but in the meantime, try to download and follow the instructions to set up the project.


One of last year’s GSoC final reports is here to see the latest features:

Also, the development version is running at:

I am a final year student pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Engineering from College Of Engineering Pune (COEP). I have worked extensively on full-stack applications, machine learning, and data analysis projects. I interned at Deutsche Bank, working on live ML and data analysis projects. I contributed as a lead developer to our college’s PhD Admission portal, a live, open-source project. I serve as the Project manager at the Software Development Society, COEP an initiative to cater to in-house and third-party projects through our university. I have won several national-level hackathons and always loved collaborative projects. I have also worked as a project lead on a full-stack laboratory inventory management system for a chemical laboratory in a government institution. I have three publications, two in computer vision-related projects and another in applied machine learning projects, published in reputed conferences and journals. To summarise, I love working on challenging problems and trying to find a solution no matter what.

Hope to get in touch with you soon and excited to work on this project!
Resume: Resume
Github: OmKhare (Om Khare) · GitHub