GSoC 2024 Project Idea 20.1 Python interfaces for (175/350 h) is the major platform for free and open neuroscience data analysis and visualization (see Hayashi, Caron, Heinsfeld, et al. in Press Nature Methods, see here [2306.02183] A decentralized and open source cloud platform to support neuroscience research). allows researchers to use easy graphical interfaces to standardize, process, visualize and analyze brain imaging data. Currently, handles magnetic resonance imaging data, but the project is growing quickly with new data modalities becoming compatible with the platform. The platform is developed using a combination of JavaScript, and Python. The future is to integrate with a set of Python-based interfaces.

This project will aim at developing basic functionality that will control from within a Jupyter notebook. The goal is to contribute to the existing GitHub - brainlife/pybrainlife: Library to access data objects and jupyter notebooks Python library to enhance the ability of the library to make API and CLI calls to instances of so as to allow users to process, visualize and analyze data from within local Jupyter Notebooks.

The concrete goals of this projects (details also depending on whether selected as a 175h or 350h project):

  • Develop functions in Python that allow to control the CLI and API functionality of
  • Develop functions in Python to allow controlling Large Language Models
  • Develop Python-based calls to the Network Visualizer NetworkNeuro.

Skill level: Intermediate

Required skills: JavaScript/TypeScript, JSON, Python

Time commitment: Flexible, 175h or 350h depending on scope

Lead mentor: Franco Pestilli (@frakkopesto on neurostars,, Anibal S. Heinsfeld (

Hello @greg_incf @frakkopesto , I am Shubham, an undergraduate student of Electronics Engineering with a specialization in AI from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. I have a good foundation in python and I am skilled in using React, Express, Node and PostgreSQL. I have worked with a startup organization as well (EverythingPay), where I had the opportunity to work as a full stack developer which helped me in gaining a good experience in web development. I found this project interesting and I believe that I possess the essential skills to work on this project. Can I have some more details on the organization and if they have a slack channel so I can connect with the mentors and start completing the tasks and contributions asap.

Thank you.

Hi @greg_incf and @Shubham_Soni,

Glad to see you all! I am Wenbo Qian and currently a graduate student in Northeastern University in the United States. I have strong interests in data visualization and toolkit development.

As many core team members with a background in tech, I have always been passionate about using state-of-art technique to empower different industries in the world. During my past two-year experiences of Full-Time Software Engineer in giant tech companies like Alibaba Group, and NetEase, I gain proficiency in software engineering and valuable experiences in using internet technical to help clients. I believe my experience in Javascript/Typescript, web Development and python could contribute to your project.

So how can I connect to mentors and negotiate requirements and the proposal? Looking forward to your reply!

Hello and everyone!

My name is Alice and I am a Computer Science undergrad at Stanford University pursuing the Computational Biology track.

I am very interested in joining this project as I am passionate about contributing to the intersection between AI and health.

  • The course PSYC221: Machine Learning for Neuroimaging introduced me to the exciting possibilities of combining neuroscience and AI. I used Scikit-Learn and PyTorch to apply and build machine-learning models for brain analysis. For example, I recreated a U-net for MRI segmentation and built an encoder-decoder model to generate artificial brain images.
  • The course CS173A: A Computational Tour of the Human Genome gave me skills in working with genomic data and the genome browser using Python, Bedtools, and Unix.

I would love to learn more if I could be of value to your project!

Alice :slight_smile:

Dear mentors (@greg_incf ; @frakkopesto ; Anibal S. Heinsfeld),

My name is Jaya Chandra Terli, I am currently a 1st semester Master’s student at University of Rostock, Germany. After learning more about, I found that it really suits my interests and in fact I can even say that I am familiar with working and handling “.nifti” MRI image files. Alongside being a student, I am currently assisting in a Neuroscience research project at Universität Medcine, Rostock. I use a number of tools like: Python (Jupyter notebook); Excel; Linux shell; Git to work on Exploratory data analysis methods, creating customized modules for data processing, and also Machine learning models. Lastly, I am a very good solution searcher, I know where to look for help and ask questions when I am stuck at a task. So, I would really love to be further contribute towards the neuroscience research through this project.

Let’s connect to discuss more about my capabilities and the proposal.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Best regards,
Jaya Chandra Terli